Watch It Crash.

-Savannah/18/Los Angeles/El Camino

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my favorite kim k moment is when she was concerned her taste buds were changing because she ate an olive and liked it but didn’t want to 


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Muse - Popcorn


It’s life-changing

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need yr hands around my neck

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Guido Mocafico

Portraits of Modeled Glass Sea Creatures by Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka



They saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon [on their first date], a Chinese film with French subtitles. “I didn’t hang out with many English-speaking people, and I forgot Win wouldn’t understand.”

Regine translated for Win, whispering into his ear, a first act of intimacy.

“Then we went to a party and we met all your friends. I was wearing a cowboy hat, coming from Texas, and you thought it was so exotic,” Win says. “You wanted me to wear my cowboy hat everywhere.”

#im getting emo

“Anybody get caught in the sandstorm on their way back last night? It was kind of beautiful, but also fucked up.”

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